Narrative Writing

Stepping up on the slippery rail of my second story boat dock. The rail is about 3 feet high, and the height of the dock is about 20 feet. “Jacob do it – just jump I said to my self.” I had jumped off the dock enough times to now I could do it, but little did I know this might be the last time I will jump of the dock. The rail was slippery from the previous times I had jumped off. I felt a little bit nervous this time, it just didn’t feel right. “1-2-3” Oh great (sarcasm) I slipped and I was about to fall 23 feet on the ground…

I looked down to see a concrete deck beneath me. It was just like time  slowed down, I was a arrow flying right to its target, but that target was a solid deck. I knew this wasn’t going to end well. Then the time resumed. SPLAT! I didn’t even know what part of my body hurt the most. That’s when I looked down at my ankle. Wow prefect (sarcasm again). My ankle was bent in a weird way. “Yep its definitely broken.” My ankle throbbing with unbearable pain. A couple friends helping me up, “more like caring me.”(sing along everybody)  “Off the dock, through the yard and up the stairs we go.

My mom told me never take those risks, my mom was 100% right about that. The one thing I will never forget was looking down at the deck below, and thinking that I should have written my will before jumped.


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