Leadership in Guanaja

Every year my brother and I take a group of about 6 or so ninth graders to a small remote island called Guanaja off the country of Honduras. We help do community service clean up the island, and plant mangroves witch really sucks hiking back and fourth through mud up to waist. There is a  reason why we plant the mangroves, about 12 years ago a hurricane ripped and shredded apart the plants and the fish live in the mangroves (I forgot to mention the island is known for its great fishing).

So after that long day of work we are rewarded and we go fishing till the sun comes up and shows off the most beautiful sunset ever, its almost like looking of a portion of heaven. Then we have to go back to work. My work is a lot easier some times because I am only in the seventh grade so I can’t do some of the stuff the older kids do so I teach the little kids how to fish, they learn very quickly. That cycle repeats for three weeks strait.

The island is covered in all sorts of creatures, small large, ugly cute, dangerous friendly, but the worst is the sand flies. If you took a bath in bug spray those microscopic insects will find the one spot on your body that isn’t covered and bite you, it itches worse than the chicken pocks trust me i’ve had both. But you get used to them after your second week.

The trip goes by so fast form the second you step foot into the grass till the last time your foot leaves the ground. You will already miss the island. Looking back at all the fun memories you had and the people you met. The trip we go to Guanaja is that type of trip that you will NEVER EVER forget.

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