Pain is red

It tasted like biting into a sour grapefruit

It smells like the fire burning the forest into ashes

It feels like a knife in my leg

It sounds like an arrow darting past my head

It looks like a fire ball skimming my thigh

Tears fill my eyes but I don’t want to cry




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Southeast Native American History

In Texas History I am  learning about Native American tribes and their lifestyles. learn more  here at  Mr. Bailey’s Texas History Website

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My Favorite Sports

I think fly fishing is complicated but it is really fun, I think it is the best sport in the hole wide world. Then regular fishing is my second sport, it is fun because you can catch really really big fish easier than you could catch on fly rod. Then lacrosse is my third favorite sport, it’s really fun I have been playing since the first grade. Then football is my fourth favorite sport I love contact sports. That’s my opinion.