Media and Memories

When I was a little boy my grandma got me the best B-day present, and that present was a webkin. A webkin is a very special stuffed animal. All webkinz come with a secret code. First step go on, then click on adopt a pet, next step enter your code, after that choose your pets gender, name, and birthday now set. Then you can play that as the same animal you got. There were other activities you can do like, play games, set up a room that fits your pet, and choose an outfit for it to ware. I knew this was definitely the best present EVER! That is why it is so special to me. Without my webkin I wouldn’t even know what joy really was. Now I am older, but I still look at them and remember every last bit of fun I had with all 30+ of them.×819/webkinz3.gif

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