Reflections for 7th graders

When I first I arived in August I expected the 7th grade was going to HORRIBLE, because almost all the eighth graders were telling us how bad it was.

I  soon realized that it wasn’t so bad.

By October my life was happy just thinking about Halloween and candy.

Eventually I figuered out that the 7th grade is full of ups and downs (mostly downs).

In the 7th grade I learned a lot of things like crazy vocabulary words that I would have never have known such as how to mess around with fractions and I learned lots about the body systems.

As the year comes to a close I get happier by the day.  If I had to do it over again I think I may not live through the end of the school year.

My advice for the incoming seventh graders…become homeschooled!



Leadership in Guanaja

Every year my brother and I take a group of about 6 or so ninth graders to a small remote island called Guanaja off the country of Honduras. We help do community service clean up the island, and plant mangroves witch really sucks hiking back and fourth through mud up to waist. There is a  reason why we plant the mangroves, about 12 years ago a hurricane ripped and shredded apart the plants and the fish live in the mangroves (I forgot to mention the island is known for its great fishing).

So after that long day of work we are rewarded and we go fishing till the sun comes up and shows off the most beautiful sunset ever, its almost like looking of a portion of heaven. Then we have to go back to work. My work is a lot easier some times because I am only in the seventh grade so I can’t do some of the stuff the older kids do so I teach the little kids how to fish, they learn very quickly. That cycle repeats for three weeks strait.

The island is covered in all sorts of creatures, small large, ugly cute, dangerous friendly, but the worst is the sand flies. If you took a bath in bug spray those microscopic insects will find the one spot on your body that isn’t covered and bite you, it itches worse than the chicken pocks trust me i’ve had both. But you get used to them after your second week.

The trip goes by so fast form the second you step foot into the grass till the last time your foot leaves the ground. You will already miss the island. Looking back at all the fun memories you had and the people you met. The trip we go to Guanaja is that type of trip that you will NEVER EVER forget.

Nature’s Way

Upon a nice mid-spring day,
Let’s take a look at Nature’s way,
Breathe the scent of nice fresh air,
Feel the breeze within your hair.
The grass will poke between your toes,
Smell the flowers with your nose,
Clouds form shapes within the skies,
And light will glisten from your eyes.
Hear the buzzing of the bees,
Climb the tallest willow trees,
Look across the meadow way,
And you shall see a young deer play.
Pick the daisies as they grow,
Watch a gentle cold stream flow,
Know the sounds of water splash,
Catch its glimmer in a flash.
When altogether all seems sound,
Lay yourself upon the ground,
Take a moment to inhale,
And listen to Nature tell her tale…
-Heidi Campbell

Media and Memories

When I was a little boy my grandma got me the best B-day present, and that present was a webkin. A webkin is a very special stuffed animal. All webkinz come with a secret code. First step go on, then click on adopt a pet, next step enter your code, after that choose your pets gender, name, and birthday now set. Then you can play that as the same animal you got. There were other activities you can do like, play games, set up a room that fits your pet, and choose an outfit for it to ware. I knew this was definitely the best present EVER! That is why it is so special to me. Without my webkin I wouldn’t even know what joy really was. Now I am older, but I still look at them and remember every last bit of fun I had with all 30+ of them.×819/webkinz3.gif

Narrative Writing

Stepping up on the slippery rail of my second story boat dock. The rail is about 3 feet high, and the height of the dock is about 20 feet. “Jacob do it – just jump I said to my self.” I had jumped off the dock enough times to now I could do it, but little did I know this might be the last time I will jump of the dock. The rail was slippery from the previous times I had jumped off. I felt a little bit nervous this time, it just didn’t feel right. “1-2-3” Oh great (sarcasm) I slipped and I was about to fall 23 feet on the ground…

I looked down to see a concrete deck beneath me. It was just like time  slowed down, I was a arrow flying right to its target, but that target was a solid deck. I knew this wasn’t going to end well. Then the time resumed. SPLAT! I didn’t even know what part of my body hurt the most. That’s when I looked down at my ankle. Wow prefect (sarcasm again). My ankle was bent in a weird way. “Yep its definitely broken.” My ankle throbbing with unbearable pain. A couple friends helping me up, “more like caring me.”(sing along everybody)  “Off the dock, through the yard and up the stairs we go.

My mom told me never take those risks, my mom was 100% right about that. The one thing I will never forget was looking down at the deck below, and thinking that I should have written my will before jumped.


Why Is Mexico a Popular Vacation Trip

Mexico has lots of beaches that you could play on and jungles that you can explore. It has lots of historical things you can visit. you could go scuba diving or snorkeling with some cool fish or many sharks. You can see aquariums and swim with dolphins. Then top it with a really nice  seafood dinner then hit the sack in a comfortable pillow and bed and a huge soft blanket.

My First Fish

I don’t think I was even two years old when my brother my hero. He set me up with a rod a bobber a hook and a worm then plop I dropped the worm in the water. I could feel little nibbles then a big bite. (I was a baby so it felt huge) I got the fish on the line.  It didn’t take that long for me to reel it in probably less than 20 seconds out came the fish I just caught my first fish it was a sun fish, a small fish with a yellowish orange belly. That was the day that my life had set on the track, and I knew that’s what I want to do for the rest of my life.

My Favorite Season

My favorite season is spring. Spring is when the pretty flowers grow, the flowers colors are astonishing. Spring is when my favorite sport lacrosse starts. My favorite hobby is fishing, fishing is more than a hobby it is my life. The fishing becomes amazing after the winter. The spring is the warm season so the cold winter days are over that is why my favorite spring is my favorite season.

Bite of the Raptor

A big tearing laceration ran from his shoulder down his torso. At the edge of of the wound, the flesh was shredded. At thee center, the shoulder war dislocated, pale bones exposed. A second slash cut through the heavy muscle of the thy, deep enough to reveal the pulse of the femoral artery below. Her first impression that his leg had been ripped open.


Pain is red

It tasted like chewing the leaves Rue that had found and,

It smells like the fire burning the forest into ashes

It feels like a knife in my leg

It sounds like an arrow darting past my head and,

It looks like a fire ball skimming my thigh

Tears fill my eyes but I don’t want to cry